Hussar Motorsport
11-400 Kętrzyn
Phone: 0048 501 969 979
We Speak English, German and Polish


It all started back in year 2000 with a picture of a Polonez 2000 Gr.B EVO II from the 21st. Warsaw Rally. After that the Ex Works Rally Cars build by OBRSO/FSO SPORT became my Passion/Obsession. I started to buy every available part that head an Ex Works past. In all those years I became an expert in the theme of Ex Works Rally Polonez and I build or delivered Parts and the knowhow for almost every  Car build in Poland and Belgium.  Hussar  Motorsport specialises in building and preparing FSO Cars to Historic & Modern  specifications. All cars are built to the highest standards using the best proven parts, with attention to details. A Polonez 2000 Gr.B EVO II replica build by Hussar Motorsport (see Cars Build) made it on the Title side of the WRC Rally Magazine which is the Number 1 Rally Magazine in Poland.